Oregon Health Authority | COVID-19 and Gov. Kate Brown | COVID-19

Phase One – Personal Service Guidance

What will your massage experience look like?

With COVID-19 still very much a part of our daily lives and news feeds, we are taking all precautions, recommendations, and safety guidelines that come from the state, CDC, Massage Board, and community. I want to share with you a few of the things I’m doing and what will be different when you come in for your much needed and well deserved massage.  This is going to seem like a lot, but it’s extremely important that we keep each other safe and protected.

1. I’m requiring all clients to wear masks when they enter the building and treatment room. You do not have to wear them during the massage while you are face down unless you are comfortable doing that. You will

only need to wear them while face up or side lying. My facial clients will not be able to wear a mask while I’m providing the service. For my facial waxing clients a mask will be warn if I’m only doing a brows. I cannot provide masks for clients at this time, so any homemade or store bought masks or face coverings are acceptable. 

2. You will need to wash your hands before and after your massage. The building has cleaners that will be regularly wiping things down in the lobby and restroom. There will be hand sanitizer available to use once you enter the treatment room. 

3. Please leave your shoes outside the treatment door. My goal is to minimize the amount of dirt, bacteria, and potential virus that can travel on our clothing and shoes. If you want your shoes in inside the room with you, please bring a bag to put them in.

4. I have purchased HEPA air purifier for my room to keep the air clean.

5. I will be wiping down all surfaces between clients and at the end of each day. This includes the floor, counter tops, door handles, and anything and everything that we or you may have touched.

6. Self serve water will not be available. I recommend bringing a water bottle with you if you know you’ll be needing it directly after your massage.

8. Within 48hrs of your appointment you’ll be sent a link to fill out the COVID-19 client screening. Please make sure that you are receiving my emails and they don’t go to the junk folder. I’ll also be texting the link out to you just in case. Please fill out the client screening within 24 hours of your schedule appointment. This is necessary before all appointment until further notice. (if you’d like to take a look at the form just click the link above).